Virtual Gallery - 5

Send your artwork and we’ll publish it here!

Maggie Harwood

1. Sunset 1
2. Sunset 2

3. Sunset 3
4. Sunset 4
5. Sunset 5


I haven’t been creating much finished work these days, just sort of in a pandemic daze!
Here is a series of tiny watercolors of the sunset over 5 days, from my living room over the 401.
MaggieHarwood-Sunset One-SCREEN
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MaggieHarwood-Sunset Two-SCREEN
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MaggieHarwood-Sunset Three-SCREEN
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MaggieHarwood-Sunset Four-SCREEN
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MaggieHarwood-Sunset Five-SCREEN
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Piri Pandy

1. Crazy cows 1

Crazy cows for fun!!  And useful as the trays are varnished.

2. Lace and roses

I got some antique windows and began to try a variety of things with them.  On this one I cut out lace squares and glued them on the back of each pane.  Then I painted a vine of roses on the front!  Great for your garden or outside on a fence or on your house!  Varnished for outside!

3. Lighthouse on antique ironing board

Lighthouse on an antique ironing board!!  Hear the waves crashing!!

4. Crazy cows 2

PiriPandy-Crazy Cows1-SCREEN
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PiriPandy-Crazy Cows2-SCREEN
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Blair Gillies and Sue Williams


Canadian Gothic

American Gothic is a 1930 painting by Grant Wood. He was inspired to paint what is now known as the American Gothic House in Eldon, Iowa, and he portrayed, in front of the house, “the kind of people I fancied should live in that house”.

Here, 90 years later, is Canada’s reply to that!

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David Donar
Spring snow

Here’s my latest, painted 3 weeks ago when we had a surprise snow fall.

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Oleksandr Head

Great news that you have opened a virtual gallery. It looks wonderful!
I am gratefully sending you several of my works.
1. After the Storm
30×40 in
2. Greek Salad, made in Greece
12×17 in
3. Dawn
18×24 in
4. Seagull
24×18 in


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Anita David

1. The Moose

2. Trees

3. Blowing

4. The Island

5. Reflections

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Steven Brown

1. The Healing

I was inspired to do this piece after I was told the story about the Eagle Woman of the North uniting with the Feathered Serpent of the South.

2. The Old School Teacher’s Cabin

Inspired by a photo I took when out west near Golden B.C.


They are both Acrylic on canvas and are 40”x 28” including frame.


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Steven Brown-StreamAndCabin-SCREEN
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Liz Simpson

1. The Necklass

2. Fire Serpent

3. Broken Leaf

4. Pendant

I love playing with glass and fire – controlled, that is!  I work on a torch to make art glass pendants to wear and in the kiln to create fused glass, functional dishes and glass art to love and display.  This spring for fun, I played with acrylic pour painting to create “Fire Serpent”.  To see more of my work, go to my Facebook page.

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Piri Pandy


Paintings on barn board:

1. The Heron

2. Spring Night

3. Night

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Catherine Babick


Playful Pups



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Ellen Downe


Reflections from the Artist’s Garden

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Hildy Smith

1. Autumn Glory

2. Lilacs

3. Backwater Pond

4. Caledon Barn


I have been painting since I was a child. Although I never pursued a career or a degree in the arts I have availed myself of many workshops, art groups and have been part of many shows over the years.

In my most active years, I was a member of the board of the North York Arts Council and arranged many shows and events.

After my retirement from business and a lengthy hiatus from painting I have picked up my brushes again in a new medium and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I love landscape painting and now I have lots of time and fewer responsibilities I can indulge to my heart’s content.

HildySmith-Autumn Glory-SCREEN
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HildySmith-Backwater Pond-SCREEN
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HildySmith-Caledon Barn-SCREEN
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Sherry Crawford
1. Mother Nature’s Cleaning Crew
2. Swimming with the Spirit Bear
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