Virtual Gallery - 4

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Elizabeth McLean


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2.  Iceberg of the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland
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3. Hummingbird

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Tim TIndale

1. Apples in Bowl

2. Black River

3. Cape Breton, NS

4. Northern Ontario

5. Venice

6. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

I’ve been living in Keswick for the last three and a half years. I’m soon to retire and Covid has made it a priority to start painting again as I used to do a lot when I was much younger.

I would like to connect with other artists in the Georgina community!

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Hildy Smith

1. Forest Path

Just off the easel!

2. Winter Light

11 X 14 acrylic on gallery canvas

3. Summer Sunshine

8 x 10, this little acrylic on birch gallery panel is a painting of the garden shed in our yard.  The sun was casting some beautiful shadows and I did this  little sketch.

The weather has been so hot lately that I actually wish it was winter again! 

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Elizabeth McLean


Sellers’ Barn

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Shirlene Campbell



This is a photograph of sunrise this morning. The cloud formations were spectacular.

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Tom Zsolt

Vivian General Store Revisited


This architectural masterpiece is all that is left of the town of Vivian, Ontario. It used to be the Vivian General Store; now it’s a rooming house. Pity, it would make a great restaurant or gallery had the town survived.

Today Highway 48 streams by Vivian Road and new high voltage power lines cross the busy intersection. When I first photographed this building over 20 years ago, it was almost peaceful.

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Shirlene Campbell
Here is some more colour for you! This is a watercolour hummingbird painted from a photo reference my friend sent from Vancouver. 
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Shirlene Campbell
Spring Snow

A watercolour painting of the overflow pond at the end of my street at sunrise, April 2020. Part of my online course work from the Watercolour Mastery course of Angela Fehr, a Canadian artist from Dawson’s Creek, BC., who paints colourful abstract landscapes.

Campbell-Spring Snow-SCREEN
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Chrissy Maude

I am a Georgina resident. I am skilled at a variety of mediums and passionate about art. You can  browse my collection on my Facebook page.

I like to dabble in many different mediums depending on my mood! Here are some examples of my work.

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Kaitlyn Sproule



This is an acrylic painting on a 13” x 13” canvas panel.

I created it because I was inspired by old Salvador Dahli paintings and images of icebergs.

I have a thing for the macabre! I often like to use long skeletal beings as a subject and I plan on making more similar looking paintings as part of a collection.

Kaitlyn Sproule-Icebergs-SCREEN
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Judy  Weiser

Jackson’s Point

I’ve just finished this. My isolation project!

16×20 Oil of Jackson’s Point.

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Sharon Lacktin

Views of Georgina


Here’s a few pictures, all from our lovely Georgina. When I needed to see more than our walls and backyard! Just quick snaps with my cell phone. 


There really is so much beauty in our community!

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Elizabeth McClean


Amazing Flowers


While in El Salvador, I saw a bush with the most amazing flowers!

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Shirlene Campbell
The Crack at Dawn
I have completed a new watercolour painting, 10 x 13 matted in 16 x 20 frame, Painted on Arches 300# paper.
I really like how this one turned out!
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Shirlene Campbell
Algonquin Highlands
This is a watercolour painting of a campsite in Algonquin Highlands when I was camping with my family last fall. 
Painted on Arches  300# rough, 1/4 sheet
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Katherine Kurck

1. Flowers

2. Poppies

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