Virtual Gallery - 3

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Pat Shepherd

1. Colour Alpaca

2. On The Road Again

3. Signed Otterly Amazing

4. The Bird

5. You Left it There

I started painting animals in oil because I was frustrated learning how to do landscapes without lessons! They seem to make people smile. 
Since everyone needs a lift right now, thought I’d send these along.
PatShepherd-Colour Alpaca-SCREEN
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PatShepherd-On The Road Again-SCREEN
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PatShepherd-Signed Otterly AmazingSCREEN
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PatShepherd-The Bird-SCREEN
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PatShepherd-You Left it There-SCREEN
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Katherine Kurck

“whistle stop” Holland landing

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Katherine Gibson (Kurck)

The Unseen


Because of the unseen virus

We have all been sent to our rooms

To contemplate what we have done

The Almighty with Mother Nature

Are joined together to teach a lesson

How to behave, love one another

No matter creed, race or colour

Time to appreciate the gifts given to us

The abundance and beauty of the earth

To reap and share, with each other

To respect the abundance in the sea

To preserve and cherish our life

Not bomb and destroy one another

In the pursuit of possessions and greed

Tolerate each other’s belief in an Almighty

Christ, God, Buddha, Allah or any other

For when we reach the great beyond

We will, all be joined together in spirit

So please let’s all just learn to get along.

Shirlene Campbell

Country Road

This watercolour was inspired by a walk along a country road in Georgina. 
 5 x 7 on Indigo #140 paper. 
Sure hope the gallery can open soon!
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Hidy Smith

1. Door And Tree

2. Flowers

3. Mountains at Dawn

4. The Path

5. The River

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying this warm weather.

I’m still keeping my brushes busy.  Here are a few samples of the results.  I’m so looking forward to when our lives can get back to some semblance of normal.  I miss the contact with all my artists friends but the upside is that we can use our time creatively.

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Pamela Hare

3 Vinyl Paintings

These are some examples of my covid art. They are hand painted vinyl records

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Thank You Essential Workers

Street art? Graffiti? Chalk on the pavement?

What do you think it is?

It is written on the street, but is it art? The creators took time to choose different colours, to map out the size of letter that would best fit the width of the available space, and to choose a font that is aesthetically pleasing and eminently legible to a driver moving at 40Kmh. Add to that that the message is well chosen, and socially pertinent, and I think it qualifies as ART.

Graffiti? This is a can of worms that cannot be opened here – but I shall write a blog for this website to talk about it!

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Sabrina Chianelli



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Lisa Chianelli



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Andrea Priebe

Tractor in a Field

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Alana Biasi

End of Day/ A Simcoe Sunset


22″ x 30″

Alana Biasi-End of Day-SCREEN
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Shirlene Campbell

Rock Stills (series)

These watercolour paintings are part of a series of rock stills I am painting.

Artist Mike Bailey recommends painting in a series in order to tap creative juices.

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Theresa Cooney

Here are some paintings I have done since the lockdown.

I live in Jackson’s Point.
1. The Cat
2. The Car
3. The Ship
4. The Warrior
Theresa Cooney-The Cat-SCREEN
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Theresa Cooney-The Car-SCREEN
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Theresa Cooney-The Ship-SCREEN
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Theresa Cooney-The Warrior-SCREEN
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Judy Weiser

1. Moonrise with Tree

2. The Eye

3. Fire Sky


Judy Weiser  is an accomplished artist and teacher. At the moment she is offering FREE paint classes on her YouTube channel:
To see more of her works follow the link:
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Elisa Sbrolla

She is a young artist from Sant’Elpidio, Italy, who has a cousin in Willow Beach. When she saw our virtual gallery on the website, she sent a photo of her work  hoping to put a smile on our face.

The isolation is difficult for the Italians so they turn to art, just like us here, in Georgina. Maybe our artists get inspired by this funny art which combines paint and  vegetables!

Grazie mille Elisa !

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Thelma Sellers
Here is an abstract painting of Gross Morne National Park in Newfoundland. 
I was fortunate to do a workshop with an amazing abstract artist just before the pandemic hit and I love what I created from my photo of the Western Brook Pond taken in June last year.  The painting is in my March show which is still hanging at the Aurora Town Hall.
You can see Thelma’s painting and other works here:
ThelmaSellers-Gross Morne-SCREEN
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ThelmaSellers-Gross Morne Photo-SCREEN
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Karen Watson
Here is some art I have done while in quarantine!
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Albert Chiarandini

Portrait of Pierre Tadier


Pat Tadier

Looking like my father…

Pierre Tadier -SCREEN
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Pierre Tadier - Son-Screen
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Sheila Dobson

The Bear

This is a detailed piece from a collage I’m working on this week (late April). I’ll send along another painting I’m intending to finish today!

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Paula Coop McCrory
Two watercolours
I’m really starting to ❤️ all that working in watercolour allows!
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Jackie Diasio

Spanish Lady

I found this image on YouTube, and had fun recreating it as myself!

Diasio-Spanish Lady-SCREEN
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Diasio-Spanish Lady-Diasio-SCREEN
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Nadya Edwards

Right Now


Artist, creator of whimsical art that speaks.


Handmade with ❤️ in Pefferlaw.


Certified wanderlust-er & concert-goer

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Elizabeth McLean (Widit)
The Smile
This is a 96 year old woman I met in El Salvador in January.
I was with a Rotary group which was there on a mission to help build homes in a poor community, Two of us went to a local nursing home, to take some food staples.
This lady was sound asleep in her wheelchair, but woke just long enough to give us a smile (then went right back to sleep!)
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Ariel Gaspar

I am a photographer located in a Georgina.   I love to take photos of nature, landscapes, and the beauty around us.


Hard at Work
The bee
Sitting by the dock I saw this fellow and he was kind enough to let me capture his work.
ArielGaspar-Hard at Work-SCREEN
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Coming Home
Boat and pink sky
A perfect day on Lake Simcow ending with beautiful shades of the sky.
ArielGaspar-Coming Home-SCREEN
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Beauty over Lake Simcoe
Orange sunset over the lake
I’ve fallen in love with the sunsets over Lake Simcoe. I can’t wait for all the different shades of sky this summer.
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