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Zoe Perrin

A Composition

A composition of simplicity & complexity, repetition and alternation, vitality and
3 ft X 5ft
Canvas mixed media 
Price  $1500


Perrin_A CompositionSCREEN
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Meg O’Hara

Best Friends

I’m a graphic designer, turned stay-at-home Mom &  artist.
Acrylic on canvas
Created : June 2020
I was watching my son “chat” to our Collie, Oakley and it seemed like she was listening to a story he was telling – Like she understood his toddler language and they were the best of friends. I needed to capture this moment on a canvas.


MegOHara-best friends-SCREEN
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Tim Tindale

Friday at Vista Park



TimTindale_Friday at Vista Park-SCREEN
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Elizabeth McLean

Vista Park in Autumn



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Shirlene Campbell

Dawn Dandy


Here is a photo of a dandelion at dawn that I took while out walking my dog.


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Lynda Quirino



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Lynda Quirino

Summer Dream

My little painting called “Summer Dream” was created for the February kids art Saturday morning class prototype. I wanted to create a summer backdrop to a project that they could complete which would evoke a warm, lazy summer feel during a cold and dreary month. They loved it, and created some beautiful paintings of their own.

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Anthony Kostovchik

Metro Road Barn


Lynda Quirino tells us:

My father’s painting is “Metro Road Barn”. It was painted in 1999. He was a first generation Canadian, born in Montreal of Slovak heritage. He moved to Georgina after having retired as an art director for a furniture company in Montreal and wanted to paint during his retirement. He was working on a painting of St. George’s Church in Sibbald’s Point when he passed away of cancer in 2001. He is buried in Briar Hill Cemetery in Sutton.

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Arden Quirino

My pencil drawing is called “Friends”. I work part-time in retail in Newmarket, but draw and create in my spare time. My dream is to do art full time, and I have a WordPress website to which I post frequently with new creations.

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Judy Weiser

1. Abstract 1

2. Abstract 2

3. Tree

4. Sunset

These paintings are from my Teeny Tiny 5×7 collection.
Judy Weiser – WeiserArtworx
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Eden McEwen from Georgina as Vermeer’s Girl with a  Pearl.

Girl with a Pearl-SCREEN
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Vermeer-Girl with a Pearl Earring
Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring

Margaret Hutson

watercolour depicting a chipmunk!

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Ellen Downe

Quilt landscape

Ellen Downe-quilt landscape
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Bianca Jozwiak


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The hippie movement is alive and well, and living in Georgina!

Nik Stroganov from Jackson’s Point as a Yorkville hippie.  Re-creating “Yorkville Hippie” from 1967 by Albert Chiarandini. 

Nik Stroganov-Yorkville hippie-SCREEN
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Chiarandini: Hippie

Sharon Lacktin

Nail art inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers.

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Vincent van Gogh: Sunflowers

Nate from Willow Beach as a 17th c. Dutch gentleman  (with a modern twist!).

Original: Willem van Heythuysen  with a sword by Frans Hals, painted in 1625.

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17th c. Dutch gentleman-Hals
Hals: Willem van Heythuysen (1625)

Elizabeth McLean

3 watercolours of grass

I did three watercolour paintings of some tall grasses along the roadside, near my house, using different techniques (and seasons).

Elizabeth McLean: Tall Grass (1)

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Elizabeth McLean: Tall Grass (2)

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Elizabeth McLean: Tall Grass (3)

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Oksana Stroganov

Remember WInter?

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Nik Stroganov


Robin (photo)

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Ellen Downe


work in progress

Reflections from the artist’s garden

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Scott Daly


Scott Daly-Abstraction-SCREEN
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Nate as Eduard Manet about to go for stroll in 1867 Paris.

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Henri Fantin-Latour: Edouard Manet

Lukas Serafim


You can see more photos on my Instagram account ‘lukas_serafim’

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Thelma Sellers from Sutton shared her two recent paintings with us.

She wrote: “the first one I have called Covid – 19. After driving past the Skyline Barn on the Baseline two weeks ago I was be struck by how much it symbolized for me the Covid –19 pandemic these days.

“Leonard Cohen’s lyric from Anthem, as performed in London in 2008. A reminder of beauty in broken things:

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in

“The second painting depicts the Drag River in Halliburton.”

Covid – 19

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The Drag River, Halliburton

ThelmaSellers-Drag River 3-SCREEN
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Annett Westlake is a local artist

She is inspired by Canada’s great outdoors and wildlife.

She loves painting wolves.


Song in the Moonlight
12″ x 24″ Oil painting
by Annett Westlake
finished March 2020

Song in theMoonlight

Annett Westlake- Wolf1-SCREEN
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Serene Night

Annett Westlake- Wolf2-SCREEN
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