Literature Submissions

These are the literature submissions for the exhibition Words and Images – Lit-Art.

When you are deciding which text you would like to use, verify on this list that it is still available, then email your choice immediately to Any one piece of literature can be selected by a maximum of 2 visual artists; and it is first come first served.


1. Life

2. Pondering

K. Boyd

1. Burlesque Postcard

V. Bruce

1. The Holy Grail

S. Chwojko

1. Rush Hour

S. Day

1. Know That Mom

2. The Boring Mother 

3. Tony Catelli

J. Faria

1. Foxes Run

2. The Berry Bog 

3. The Well of Stairs

K. Gibson

1. Dancing Leaves

J.G. Hall

1. Collected Poems

S. Harper

1. Alice-Paint Project

F. Janes

1. Channel 7 news

2. Dark Summer days

3. Shred of Doubt

4. Streets

J. Luttrell

1. Bring me a Smooth Stone

2. The Exchange

R. Robinson

3. Penny Contest

S. Seveny

1. Daily Commute

2. Frozen

3. On Devil’s Rock

4. Tending the Garden

M. Tanzola

1. A Place For Spirits

2. What The Other Ladies

L. Vilitalo

1. A Vulnerable Person

2. Sticky Sweet

3. To Okey

K. Watson

1. A Boyhood New Year

2. Apparition

3. Chocolates For Mom

4. Jeremiah

5. Notions

6. Snapshots at Rugged Falls

7. The Caretaker

H. Wordsmith

1. Halloween 1974