If you can dream it, you can do it

Grant Peckford, Executive Director


As my colleague, Jeanne Faria said in quoting Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

As we put 2019 to bed we began to not only dream about a stronger 2020 but became excited about how we would make that happen. We realized that the enormous success of our “Art in the Park” gala would not sustain us in the coming year as we could not repeat the event. This success, one that was measured far beyond the revenue it generated, .was the shot in the arm we needed to get out from under the cloud of 2019. The community support was at times overwhelming, as was the commitment that I saw from our staff and Board of Directors. We saw light at the end of a rather dark tunnel and it was time for us to dream again.

Our community stepped up big time allowing us to begin our 2020 with a refreshed gallery and store. Thank you to Paint Source Plus, Heather Barnes, Dee Henderson and the man who got the ball rolling, Brian Gibbs. From all of us at the GAC, THANK YOU. Later in the year, the community was still giving. Our amazing partnership with the Town of Georgina saw the renovation of our Administrative offices. Gone were the musty carpet and the lime green walls. Gone were the blinds that we were afraid to move for fear they would crumble in our hands. Dan, Tim, and the team you provided us a work space that we can enjoy and, more importantly, be creative in! I have on more than once occasion had the opportunity to showcase the generosity of our community on Georgina Life and these community members have done us all proud.

As we continue to focus on Fundraising we have been able to broaden the lens that we look through when we plan for our tomorrow. We continue to focus on what is yet to come rather than what lay in the past. In partnership with the Board of Directors, I sent a very strong message about how we would no longer allow the “chatter” and negativity demonstrated by some to stop us from moving forward and we have not!

As our Board of Directors continues to grow with new skill sets, they support not only our strategic planning but also bring a collective creativity that will take our programming to the next level.  After much discussion, we have finally been able to put pen to paper to begin working on a draft of our three-year strategic plan. This is a document that some might suggest is not a huge task. The key piece to focus on is not the document but rather the enormity of the commitment. The GACAG desperately needed a plan that would provide clear direction and measurable outcomes. It is important that we develop a plan that would demonstrate that today we are viable and tomorrow we are necessary. We are Arts and Culture in Georgina

To once again echo the words of our Board Chair.  “Celebrating what we can accomplish together builds community” and we have definitely seen the benefits this year.