Attention! Work In Progress!

I am just starting to build this blog. I want to create a forum where anyone who is waiting impatiently for the GAC to open its doors again can read the news, read articles, see photos of artworks – and post their own views and images!

If you have an artwork that you particularly like (a Cézanne painting; an Inuit sculpture; a rug; a recycled beer can), email a photo and a paragraph of explanation to, and we will publish them here!


A number of the entries in this blog will also appear in our regular magazine, The Palette, which will continue to be available online during the pandemic.

Publication of the spring edition of The Palette has been delayed due to current circumstances. It will appear here online in the first days of April, and will be announced on the NEWS page.

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I write this article social distancing in our own home.  In a few short days, the Corona Virus has dramatically changing all […]

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The Board of Directors and Executive Management are working towards making our Vision and Mission a solid, attainable one. We are currently […]

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Executive Director

As we put 2019 to bed we began to not only dream about a stronger 2020 but became excited about how we […]