An exhibition of the artwork of Lisa and Sabrina Chianelli

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ECOAA Juried Exhibition 2021!

The East Central Ontario Art Association (ECOAA) and the GCAC are proud to present this collaboration for the ECOAA Juried Exhibition 2021. You can visit the show on the walls of the GCAC (restricted opening times, check with the GCAC before coming), or you can walk through the exhibition virtually here!

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The Georgina Centre for Arts & Culture had an exhibition  to Celebrate Pride & the creativity of those in our community who identify as LGBTQ2S.


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Love in the Time of Covid is a social experiment.  Could we, in our small town of Georgina and into York Region, tap into the writers and artists among us to create a representation of our local experience of the Covid pandemic?

A diverse group of writers, including a local geography teacher, a Minister, a Blues Musician, poets and retirees were given the task of writing 250 words to describe an experience of love during this difficult time.

An equally diverse group of artists, including an architect, a farmer, a quilter, a photographer, a stained glass artisan and several members of the Georgina Studio Tour were each given a different piece of writing and invited to create a visual representation.   

The results are diverse, engaging, inspiring, and thought provoking.  Prepare to be amused, intrrigued and entertained by these thoughts of love.  “Love in the Time of Covid” is a heartfelt distraction from the anxious boredom we all seem to be feeling.

Please let us know which was your favourite and why.  You can write to

We’re looking forward to showing you what our community can do.


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The Palette is available, and you can download a copy by clicking on the image.

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