White Bear Standing - Messages from the Heart

Back in June, Sherry Crawford was scheduled to have an exhibition of her works in the Gallery. Here then is a brief glimpse of what would have adorned our walls!

Although the GAC is not officially reopened yet, you can visit Sherry’s exhibition as a part of the Georgina Studio Tour, on

Balance Bears
Acrylic on Canvas
30” x 50”

What if there is no ‘good, bad, right, wrong’…only…balanced ‘experiences necessary for Spiritual Evolvement!’

SherryCrawford-Balance Bears-SCREEN
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Dangerous Dance
Acrylic on Canvas
18” x 24” / 20” x 24”

“Dancing in the water with the White Bears”

Climate Change has affected many things on Mother Earth. The polar bears are forced to swim longer distances for food, sadly, many drown or starve to death.
These paintings represent the ‘Swim’ …and the ‘Chalk Outline’ …those that didn’t make it!

SherryCrawford-Dangerous Dance--SCREEN
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Pisces & The Thunderbird
Acrylic on Canvas

10” x 12”

The Thunderbirds come to Earth and Create Maps of the Constellations… to guide us home!

SherryCrawford-Pisces & The Thunderbird-SCREEN
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Reincarnation Rain

Acrylic on Canvas
23” x 25”

The top represents the contemplation stage of life…. Where we plan our next lifetime. We then ‘rain down’ into individual physical beings. We live and die and become part of the earth. The animals eat the grass and we all become one!

SherryCrawford-Reincarnation Rain-SCREEN
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