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Stella Trainor

1. Apples

2. Flowers

I have been interested in the mechanics of producing images for many years. These are from a recent class in Aurora using pencil crayon in a determined way and burnishing.

I am determined to find time for more over the Winter!

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Elizabeth McLean

1. Halloween

These are Halloween cards that I made for my grandchildren.


2. Cottage on Balsam Lake, ON

This is my sister’s cottage on Balsam Lake, ON, in the Fall.

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McLean-Cottage, Balsam Lake-SCREEN
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Deb Percy

1. Blue Study

2. First Party

I have been painting and drawing for over 30 years. Discovering the pleasures of watercolours while experimenting with my toddler son led to night courses and eventually to a BFA from OCAD University.

In addition to participating in many gallery exhibits in Canada and London, England I have been represented at the Royal Academy summer exhibition in London.

I enjoy painting children and find them most compelling when absorbed in their own private worlds. John Singer Sargent, Anthony Van Dyke and Lucien Freud are some of my many heroes.

Percy-Blue Study-SCREEN
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Percy-First Party-SCREEN
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Thelma Sellers

Snow Shadows

Sellers-Snow Shadows-SCREEN
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Henry Sellers

Night Scene


This is the creation of a night scene after he fell in love with midnight blue paint (he is 6 yrs old).

Sellers-Night scene-SCREEN
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Georgina Creates!

This time en plein air! Thelma invited the Georgina Creative Group members to her beautiful farm where the artists had plenty of room to wield the brush!

From top: Elizabeth McLean, Chris Croome, Thelma Sellers, and Grace Cromme.

More to come!

More to come!
Waiting for the paint to dry...

Wendy Michael

1. Old House

2. Lighthouse

3. Old Barn

Here are three of my drawings. Old Barn and Old House are in pencil, and Lighthouse is ink stipple work.

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Paul Hapley


Lone Wolf – Detail


This is a  “work in progress” – a detail area of a larger painting I am working on (when I can!).


Acrylic on board


PaulHarpley-Lone Wolf - detail-SCREEN
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Mary Seymour


Joan’s Peonies

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Shirlene Campbell

1. Clouds

This unusual photo, taken while backcountry kayak camping in Georgian Bay, has an inverted threshold to highlight the incredible cloud formations as a storm front moves through.

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2. The Dandelion

Here is my artistic rendition of a dandelion at sunset. I was captured by the backlighting of the setting sun behind the dandelion.

The photo was taken and edited on my cell phone.

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Ileana Cunningham, 13 years old, has been drawing since she was 2 and loves it!

Ileana is a writer, too!

Here is an album of five of her latest works.

Dolphin Ghost

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Red Sky

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The Trench

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Elizabeth McLean

I think that we need new emojis, more befitting to the times!

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Clarissa Mahnkopf

2 Acrylics.

I have a passion for painting and arts education.

I work as an elementary teacher for the York Region District School Board.

Acrylic 1

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Acrylic 2

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Beth Wallace

Under the Sea

Artistry in Glass

This is a photo of my latest piece

BethWallace-Artistry in Glass-SCREEN
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John Cavers

Moose Snacking


JohnCavers-moose snacking-SCREEN
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Laurel Martin

Melody of the Lake (prints)

One is on green mulberry paper and one on white printmaking paper

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Shirlene Campbell

This is a recent watercolour of pussy willows from my back yard.

Pussy Willows

Campbell-Pussy- Willows-SCREEN
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Linda Pauer

This is my latest artistic effort, a new image of sunflower earrings that l have designed.

Besides that been making masks for some friends and family.

Sunflower Earrings

LindaPauer-sunflower earrings-SCREEN
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Jennifer Zsolt

Two short videos:

1. Bee Well!

2. You Should Be Dancing!

And an image:

We Will All Be Together Soon!

Bee Well!

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You Should Be Dancing!

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Quinton (Quinny) Trott
I’m a 24 year old resident of Keswick, Ontario.
My talents are Spraypainting, Street art, portrait painting.
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