Abiel Taylor

Master Carver

Resides in Raleigh, Nfld, CAN

Master carver Abiel Taylor lives and works in Raleigh on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. He sells the work of himself and his children at Taylor’s Crafts shop. Abiel grew up a fisherman by summer and a carver by winter and learned the art of carving from his grandfather during the 1950’s. Today two of Abiel’s sons are following in his footsteps and mastering the art of carving. Abiel’s work can be found on the lawn of Government House, home of the Lieutenant- Government in St. John’s, Newfoundland because the former Lieutenant Governor, John Crosbie, was fascinated by a totem pole that this master carver produced called ‘Taylor’s Pole of the North’ and had it was installed on the government lawn on Oct. 25, 2010. Abiel’s crafts shop offers an substantial amount of carvings, mostly small artworks, which are depictions of the rich history of living off the land and sea. Abiel has images of his grandfather presenting a replica he made of the HMS Victory, which was Lord Nelson’s vessel, to medical icon Dr. Charles Curtis (after whom the current hospital in St. Anthony, Newfoundland is named).


sculpture: Viking Warrior by Abiel Taylor above.


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