From its beginnings some twenty years ago, the Georgina Arts Centre has boasted a large shopping area. The shop offers local artists a venue where they can display and sell their work, and it does brisk business! You can buy paintings and sculptures of course, but also scarves, mugs, cheese boards, a range of art supplies, and a myriad of small artworks that make perfect gifts–cards, jewelry.

There are also books, including Tom Zsolt’s Country Matters, and Ewa Chwojko’s analysis of Chiarandini’s work, entitled Passion Meets Paintbrush.

Indigenous art is well represented in the shop, including many Georgina Island artists. This is in keeping with the Arts Centre philosophy of generating a close relationship with the indigenous communities.

The shop is managed, organized, and ordered by the wonderful person who will greet you as you walk in: the front desk lady Wendy Cuttriss!

The shop is open the same hours as the Gallery. The hours are given at the bottom of the NEWS page.