Art Presentations

The Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery offers art presentations on a varying basis. These are presentations that take in much more than art: history, geography, tales, music, videos, people, science, mathematics…anything that has a bearing on the artist or the place, the time or the space.

Pres. publique-Ewa et SteeveOur most popular presenters are Ewa and Steeve Chwojko who bring to the Gallery a vast knowledge of the “Arts with an S”! Art, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, poetry; everything is mixed in to their audiovisual presentations. Anything that can be presented live is added into the mix: classical ballet, music, photographers, writers, anyone who knows anything about something…


Available Presentations

Many of these presentations have been given at galleries, art centres, art associations, clubs, art academies, and so forth, around the Southern Ontario area. If you are interested in inviting Ewa and Steeve Chwojko to give one of their presentations, please send an email to


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