The Piano

In the spring of 2014, the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery decided to replace its aged and unplayable piano with one that could be used to give music concerts. A committee was formed; funds were raised; and as the summer arrived, so did the new piano.

DSCF2274The instrument is a Knabe (Wm. Knabe & Co) grand piano, 56″, in ebony high polish. It was manufactured in the United States. The choice was dictated partly by available funds (a VERY big thank you to all those who donated!), partly by a consideration of the size of the gallery. A full concert grand would create too much sound for the main gallery size; it would be like having your head inside the piano. Even a 6′ grand would be overpowering for the intimate audience that can be seated in the gallery. There was also the consideration of the space that the instrument would occupy: without a piano, the room is filled by an audience of around fifty people, not forgetting the fifty chairs and the space that must be left for the aisles between the seating areas. It would not make sense to get a larger piano and reduce the audience size to thirty!

grand-pianoWe therefore opted for a baby grand. It has the sound quality of a grand piano, takes a minimum of room, and looks…wonderful! You can admire it whenever you come to admire the art exhibitions: weighing in at over a quarter of of a ton, it does not get moved around too much!!

Better still, come and admire its sound by attending one of the many musical events that are now presented at the gallery. You will find the announcements on the Front Page.

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