Music at the Gallery


The Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery hosts a wide variety of musical events, and aims to attract diverse audiences, from young people studying a musical instrument in a music school, through groups who need experience, through teachers who want to maintain their technique, through classes for those who want to understand the theory or the history of music… agt-jazz-trioThese events are called Performance!, and the series offers ‘classical’ and jazz music. This series features young musicians who are just starting out on their professional career and who would like to test their skills, or local teachers who would like the opportunity to polish up their repertoire, or groups who would just like to play because they love playing! You can read all about the series Performance! here. And finally, there are presentations on music, its history, its theory, its practice, and its exponents (and we even get into the science of it…). These presentations have included a look at the history of western music, the lives of famous composers, women in music, and much more. The best: if you have a topic you would like to suggest for a presentation, let us know! We are open to any ideas.

GAC Piano

Music would not go very far without the king of instruments, the piano! (And yes, for you organists out there, I know that the organ is really the king). The Gallery boasts a new piano! You can read all about our New Piano. This excellent instrument is not only a beautiful and impressive object, sitting in the Main Gallery, it is also the gateway to a vast range of shows, concerts, recitals, presentations; in short, almost anything that is live music. A piano is necessary to play piano music, of course, but it is also necessary for the majority of music where the main focus is a voice, or a violin, or a flute… Most solo music written for what is often termed a ‘monophonic’ instrument (an instrument that plays one note at a time) requires an accompaniment, and the piano is the great favourite for this. So by getting a piano, the Gallery can present a wide range of different types of music.

You can  see the schedule of music events on the Front Page.

Choose one.

Or come to them all.

You will find each event fascinating, provocative, enchanting… This is the best of the best of the best, in Georgina music, and from further afield also. Come and find out.

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