Message from Grant Peckford


Dear Friend,

I know these are difficult times – in fact, we have never been through times like these – but I am certain we will come through all this together. One of the best ways to navigate these times is to look ahead and focus on the future.

Today I want to enlist your help and support to ensure an important regional resource, the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, continues. You may be very familiar with all that the Centre offers, or you may not. For over twenty years, the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery has, in partnership with the Town of Georgina, been a vital presence in our community. With its mission to educate, inspire and develop the creative spirit, the work of the Centre has touched the lives of many, from school children to seniors. Through this mission, the Centre has helped enrich our community by fostering the creativity and personal growth of Georgina residents, supporting our local economy and enhancing community well-being.

Artist Tom Zsolt, a Georgina resident since 1996, has this to say about his relationship with the Centre that began with an exhibition of his photography in 1999: the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery “proved to be the ideal venue and organization to show my photographs in what was slowly becoming my town… These were the simple beginnings of a partnership that has lasted over two decades. As my creative work continued, the staff at the GAC became an indispensable source of ideas, encouragement and yes, criticism.”

Did you know that in the past two years the Centre hosted, on average, over eight thousand visitors, offered over 175 days of programming, classes and events, including 36 art classes for children and adults and enjoyed the support of 200 members? It has developed curriculum-based programs with five area schools and developed partnerships with many local businesses. But there is more to come.

At the Centre, we are looking at ways to refurbish our spaces to meet community needs, like opening more programs for students and increasing outreach to seniors to address the critical issue of social isolation. The Centre has benefitted from generous municipal support, and the Centre team has been working diligently to achieve financial sustainability through membership, classes, programs and fundraisers.

Now we need your help.

Will you consider making a gift to enable the Centre to continue to offer and to grow the high-level programming that you have come to expect? We are pleased to tell you that the Centre’s Board of Directors has pledged 100% support to make this possible.

But the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery belongs to you too.

If you have enjoyed the exhibitions, the classes, the luncheons or the events – or even if you have not yet done so – please consider making a donation. And please spread the word; tell your friends how important the future of this Centre is to you and to our community.

To show your support, please go to the Canada Helps website – – and under Find Your Charity, type in Georgina Arts Council. You will be directed to our page where you can make a donation.

We know from personal experience and research that the arts are an essential element in a well-rounded and satisfying life. It has been shown that art programs can help improve memory and concentration skills, develop critical thinking skills, and encourage focus and discipline. Once you tap in to your creativity, who knows what will happen? The painter Georgia O’Keefe said, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

Please help us continue to be a creative resource and platform for our community. Thank you so much for your consideration and your support.



Grant Peckford

Executive Director

Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery