Welcome to the Virtual Gallery!

Let’s get creative, and stay connected through art!

This is our virtual gallery of your drawings, paintings, sculpture, artistic photography, doodles… You name it! Tell us about yourself and your creation; share your talents!

All submissions must be accompanied by a text explaining your creation – why you wrote, painted, sculpted,.. it, the medium you used, and so forth. Here is a list to help you write your thoughts:

This is not a point of sale! If you would like to sell your artwork, you need to submit it to the Gallery Shop.

Send your files (photos, recordings, texts, etc) to with the subject line ‘Virtual Gallery.’

The GAC reserves the right to refuse a submission or to ask for modifications before publication online. By making a submission you give the GAC permission to publish without fee or copyright infringement. Submissions are published as soon as possible after reception and may be removed from the Virtual Gallery at any moment.