Main Gallery

Moveable wallOur Main Gallery is the largest of our exhibition spaces, with nearly sixty feet of wall available for hanging art works. This space can be extended with a moveable ‘wall’ (there is an image of it). This is one of the most useful objects in the Gallery! It can sit in the middle as extra space, or divide one wall into two, or be used – as it often is – to create a separate entrance to the Main Gallery. Sometimes even the ceiling is used as an additional exhibition space, with large paintings suspended from the rafters (look at the image below!).
Main Gallery - suspended from ceilingThe exhibitions in this Gallery are hung for five or six weeks. Sometimes there is an exhibition of an artist from our Permanent Collection, but most often the Gallery will present a visiting artist, and over the years some of Canada’s foremost creators have been featured.
The Gallery also houses the grand piano! Since 2014, this wonderful instrument has been a prominent element of the space, an impressive sleek black counterpart to the colour hanging on the walls.  It also enables the Gallery to be used for music events. To read more about this, check out the menu entitled ‘Music at the Gallery’.

So come on in and enjoy the ambiance! Experience some wonderful Canadian talent!

And of course, don’t forget to check out our other galleries during your visit.

For the current exhibition, see the menu Exhibitions at a glance.

Past exhibitions:

Exhibition in the Main Gallery

TIVOLI TIVOLI The Secret Life of Dolls

Joanna Dabrowski, sculpture and painting

Download the catalogue

Exhibition in the Alcove Gallery

Reflections Naturally

 Mike Ormsby and Joseph Sagaj

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