It’s the Juried Art Show!!

“All That I Love”

What do you love? Travel? Your grandkids? Animals? A hamburger and fries? A vacation? Your work? Probably all of the above! So how would you express all of this in one work of art? There’s your challenge!

The exhibition runs December 15 2019 –  Januart 19 2020.

The opening reception is on December 15,  1pm – 3 pm.

You can Download the brochure here.


Words and Images: Lit-Art

Words and Images: Lit-Art is a collaboration of local artists who contribute original written works and visual artists working in mixed genres and mediums; the visual artists will create original pieces inspired by the written word.

These were the conditions that were set out:


  • Writers can submit a poem or a short story (<2500 words), one per writer. Up to 16 submissions will be chosen to go to the next stage.

Visual artists:

  • Visual artists will choose one written work to be the basis of an artwork.   

There is an exhibition of written works and visual artworks in the Alcove Gallery from January 26th, 2020 to February 23rd, 2020.

There is a Festival Performance on Sunday, February 16 @2pm, where each writer will talk for a moment about their work, then read it to the audience. Each visual artist who has chosen that work will then stand by their creation and explain what in the writing motivated them to develop their visual work.