Prince of Painters

Everything he did was extreme! He knew a thing or two about thinking big!  Rubens mingled with kings and diplomats and was known by everyone yet… he kept his private life private. What do his works reveal about him?  We will find out!

Music in Art

There is art in music; but is there any music in art?! And what exactly was ‘music’ for ancient cultures? Sounds which were never notated and never recorded, and therefore we have no way of knowing what distant civilizations did with it – or do we…? And what about Picasso? And which radio station did Caravaggio listen to as he painted ?!


Pop Provocateur

Andy Warhol, was never a stranger to controversy. Though he was a large-than-life public figure, he created just one piece of public art…. And was never asked again!  Was he a genius or a  fraud?

Angelica, Rosa and Mela Conquer the World

Look at their confident gazes! Yes, they had to be smart and strong to make it to the top despite many obstacles. Superwoman, Angelica Kauffmann, became an international celebrity. Rosa Bonheur, who received a special permit from the police to wear pants and visit butcher shops, became a famous animal painter; Mela Muter, a star of Montparnasse, friend of Picasso and Matisse, is still waiting to be recognized!

You can find all this in this new series of four art presentations given by Ewa Chwojko.

Mondays at noon

Prince of Painters

Angelica, Rosa, and Mela Conquer the Art World

Pop Provocateur

Music in Art, with special guest…


A great time to get together, chat with friends, and enjoy a luncheon prepared by Yummy Mummy’s Kitchen!

Date: Third Tuesday of each month.

Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

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Next Luncheon: April 21, 2020

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Ed Winacott invites…Open Mic

The stage is open!

A stage for all skill levels and all styles of acoustic music or spoken word. A welcoming listening venue for new talent to test the waters or for experienced performers to perhaps try out new material. Come and listen for free, or give a toonie (to defray the cost of the room) and perform!

The next OPEN MIC will take place on Sunday, April 26, 2020, @ 2 pm.

For your calendar: The dates for 2020 are (Sundays) April 26, May 24, June 28.

Come along, bring your instrument (the Gallery has a piano, you don’t need to bring that), and perform for a sympathetic audience of fellow musicians!