Albert Chiarandini

O.S.A., F.I.A.L.

September 30, 1915 – December 18, 2007


Albert Chiarandini was born in the city of Udine, in northern Italy. Self-taught, at the age of fifteen he was accepted to apprentice at the workshop of the sculptor Luigi Moro. He arrived in Canada in 1932 at the age of 17. Determined to continue with his studies, he enrolled at the Ontario College of Art. There he studied under the guidance of Franklin Carmichael, Frederick ChallenerJohn William Beatty and John Alfsen.

His paintings of the “Yorkville Hippies” (1960’s) gained Chiarandini recognition as a serious and extremely gifted portrait painter. Through his work Chiarandini successfully captures the diversity and integrity of the human spirit. He said that “landscapes allowed him to explore the profound beauty of nature, echoes of light and the smell of the countryside”. Chiarandini created a unique and powerful gift of historical documentation and beauty. In 2004, a donation of 159 of Albert’s paintings was made to the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery in Sutton West, by the late Bruce Smith. This major collection is on permanent display, and was included in “The Group of Seven Project”, citing Chiarandini as “The Unknown member of the Group of Seven”. The event gained much attention and provided a public viewing opportunity of this exceptional collection of landscapes, portraits and still life.

Albert Chiarandini died on December 18, 2007, in his 93rd year.

2015 was the centennial anniversary of Chiarandini’s birth. There were several exhibitions to mark the event, including one in the town of his birth, Udine, in Italy, and the publication of the first book on his life and work, co-authored by Ewa Chwojko.

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