New Acquisition for the Permanent Collection

Kay Murray Weber - Leaf - SMALLThe Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery has just received three lithographs by the distinguished Canadian painter Kay Murray Weber. This acquisition is the result of the work of our Curator, Ewa Chwojko, who since her appointment has worked to expand the Permanent Collection with works by a female artist. You can read about Kay Murray Weber here.

At last! These three lithographs will be put on display as soon as possible, and you will probably see them first on THE WALL. Information about these lithographs, and about the artist, will be available here on the web site very shortly.

Ewa is now projecting an exchange exhibition of works by this renowned artist, by collaborating with other galleries which hold larger collections of her works. Exciting!! You can read about this here on the web site.

Keep checking back!

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