Have you ever seen works by the amazing painter from ancient Greece Eirene, the medieval phenomenon Hildegard of Bingen, or the Renaissance sensation Artemisia Gentileschi? Have you heard beautiful music by Clara Wieck? Did you know that some of Chopin’s most famous pieces may in fact have been written…by a women ?!

Thousands of forgotten – or suppressed – women   artists wait in the wings to be escorted out of anonymity. This afternoon you will have the pleasure of meeting many of them.

There will be – as usual! – a great slide show, live music, snacks and sparkling wine…everything for a wonderful afternoon!

See you there!

2pm – 4pm in the Main Gallery of the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery

Tickets $10

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Yorkville Hippies


In the 1960s Toronto was one of the largest centres of hippie culture in North America. Famous musicians such as Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot learned their trade there, and literary giants such as Margaret Atwood began their career in the vibrant world of the Yorkville village.

Internationally renowned Canadian artist, Albert Chiarandini, had his studio near Yorkville. He made the hippies one of the central themes of some of his most iconic works. Chiarandini befriended the young men and women, looking beyond the colourful surface and searching deep into their personalities and their philosophy. He showed his respect for these young anti-establishment rebels by using the same large canvases that were usually reserved for the commissions from upper echelons of society.

Chiarandini’s hippie paintings are now in the permanent collections of the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, the Market Gallery, and the University of Ottawa, as well as in private hands. They will be brought together for the first time for an exhibition at Gallery Gevik, to pay tribute to this underground culture from Toronto’s past. There will also be artifacts of the period: never-before published photographs of Yorkville in the 1960’s, and colourful clothing and jewellery on loan from their erstwhile owners. The exhibition will capture the energy and vibrancy of the hippie movement which, during the 1960s, converted thousands of young people to the cult of peace, love, freedom, and happiness.

RodThe show also offers the “Toronto Sound”, music from Yorkville bands of the 60’s. On Saturday June 13, 1pm – 5pm, five prominent musicians from 60s Yorkville will perform live: Keith McKie (Kensington Market), Dede Higgins, Klaas Van Graft, Stan Endersby (The Tripp), and Sebastian Agnello (Lords of London). On Sunday June 14th, 1pm – 5pm, Yorkville 60’s iconic band Luke and The Apostles will rock the audience with an outdoor concert.

You can read an article by ROD URQUHART about the hippies and the 1960’s: Feel like reliving the past?