What a great thing to see across your street when you arrive home in the evening!!



Sherry Crawford put on a drive-thru Indigenous Fine Art Exhibition last month in Cavan.

Sherry’s had an exhibition scheduled for June at the gallery, but of course it has been postponed. So while waiting for the gallery to reopen and her exhibition to be rescheduled, she got this idea for a drive-through exhibition!

Sherry Crawford is a member of our gallery, has Algonquin roots, and has been ‘picking up the pieces’ of her Anishnaabe Culture for the past 20 years.  She embraces the traditional teachings and has been honoured and humbled to experience several Sacred Ceremonies. Many years ago, Sherry was given her “indian name”, shared with the Elders during a Shaking Tent Ceremony. She  is proud to connect to this special ceremonial name, White Bear Standing.  She brings the bear into many of her pieces.

She believes it is important to follow the 7 grandfather teachings and ‘walk her talk’…she believes the ‘rest’ will fall into place as it is supposed to.


Wayne Smile

UPDATE Friday, July 10

from the curator:

For months we cannot paint outside because it is too cold. Now we cannot paint outside because it is too hot…

Is it just me, or does this extreme heat stop you painting? What’s that? Nothing stops you painting? So it is just me!

How would you paint ‘heat’? I don’t mean a picture of the sun, or someone lying on a beach, or a fire. I mean, could you paint something that would make the viewer think “it’s hot” without directly portraying a hot object? Let me have your ideas!

I am posting a teaser image here. What is the story behind this photo? What title would you give it? Go search through the Virtual Galleries to find the answers!

I shall change the image regularly.

See you in the Virtual Gallery!

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Secrets Behind Paintings! 

Canceled, new dates will be posted as soon as possible

A new series of art presentations given by Ewa Chwojko.

Mondays at noon

– Prince of Painters

Angelica, Rosa, and Mela Conquer the Art World

Pop Provocateur

Music in Art, with special guest…

$17 per class (members: $15)



Canceled. A new date will be posted as soon as possible.

Workshop with Lynda Quirino.

You create a “Bo Ho” wall hanging. Very trendy! 

Please register by Thursday March 19 to be sure of a place!

A new exhibition for your artworks!

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This exhibition will be reschedule



Unfortunately, since there is no news as to when the Arts Centre will reopen, we shall probably not be able to offer summer camps.

This may change, and if so we shall keep you posted here and in the media.

We are keeping our fingers crossed!

High Tea at the GAC

Canceled. A new date will be posted as soon as possible.

When we celebrate the reopening of the Arts Centre, we will do it with a special High Tea!

When the time comes, please come and join us at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery

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Of course, everything is on hold for now, but in general there are lots of classes available all year at the GAC.

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There are also a number of workshops that are offered from time to time. They are listed with the classes, and they will be announced here on the NEWS page.

Songwriting workshop

Ed Winacott is offering songwriting workshops.

Next workshop will be announced when the date is known.

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Ed Winacott          invites…Open Mic

Next session will be announced when the date is known.

The stage is open! A welcoming listening venue for new talent to test the waters or for experienced performers to perhaps try out new material.

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Fourth Sunday in each month.


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Tuesday Luncheons

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Join us for our monthly Tuesday Luncheon in the Gallery as we partake of a delectable menu every month.

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